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“Me and Bobby McGee” video Now for sale.  Featuring Willie Nelson, Ronnie Hawkins, Gordon Lightfoot and Ronnie Hawkins.  Produced, engineer,mixed, and acoustic guitar by James:


In the beginning …

I learned to play guitar.   That’s the start.  I fell in love with the sound of big distorted electric guitars.  I wanted my guitar to sound like it was a Whale.  I made those kinds of sounds for years.  Then I fell in love with folk music.   No more wild howls but straight stories and songs.  I went to school at The Recording arts program of Canada where I paid little attention to much else other than playing music and learning a few tricks.  My band toured a ton and we opened for bands we loved, worked in great studios with great producers where I got to see and handle the “heavy machinery” (great gear).  I got to recorded one of these bands I had so loved in a farmhouse and realized the way to make a great record is to try to pursue the right environment and the right people and that doesn’t always mean a stationary studio or having the engineer and artists in separate rooms. I started building my own personal space this past year which is now complete.  I have been recording a lot mobile, and feeling agile ever since.  I record all over the country and most often bring the recordings back to my homestead studio (beside my house) to mix them.  As a great bonus this little studio of mine turned out to be a great sounding recording space and has become a great tracking room (originally intended mainly for mixing/overdubs) and bands have been tracking albums here since the beginning of the summer of 2015.  Stop by and say hi.  contact