Simon from the Strumbellas

Funny Thing – or “how I got to work with and know Simon Ward from The Strumbella’s”

I’m an avid Garage Sale/Antique store/market type guy. Something I inherited from my Dad. Sometimes my wife and son will come with me on my adventures. On this fateful day we stopped at a Garage sale and it was Simon having it. He was moving and getting his music career started, we chatted music a little and I casually said “it’s too bad you’re selling this house, we are looking to rent one”. He replied “well, it’s my mom’s and I’ll ask her if she’ll rent to you and put in a good word”. Sure enough, a few days later we got a call and worked it out that we’d rent this nice little brick bungalow from Simon’s mother. We lived there for about 4 years, lovely place, and what a sweet family the Wards are.

Fast forward a few years and Simon not only really got himself a music career, he got himself a pretty wild one! He called out of the blue recently asking if I’d like to co-produce a song for a group called I The Mountain in my studio here in Peterborough, ON. Of course I was in, and we had some great chats about that house, how we met, his family, my family, our careers in music, a real all around catching up. My son wigged out when he realized Simon is the guy that wrote and sings “Spirits” by The Strumbella’s … “Dad! Dad, it has over 50 million views!”. Ah, the youtube/internet generation.

Watch for this new tune by I The Mountain, we still have some mixing to do but it sounded great at the end of our 2 days together.

Here’s a quick phone video of Simon trying out a little singing on the song, plus you’ll see Matt (lead singer in I The Mountain) pop his head in too!

Also, from a few years ago, here is a video of The Strumbella’s in a beautiful church that I recorded and mixed audio for:

Chow for now!