Music Production

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Audio Engineering

I'll make sure things sound right for you and your project. By taking great care in getting the perfect sound, you'll find yourself feeling more comfortable, confident and able to just perform.

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Whether your tracks were recorded by me or elsewhere, I'll give you a free consultation on how your tracks sound and whether I can help improve them. I get recordings to mix often and always enjoy hearing what you've been doing.

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Let me guide you through the whole process to your finished product. This is something we do together. I'll help you to lose the "red light fever" that keeps you from capturing your best self in the studio. Everybody needs somebody, sometime. I can help organize the sessions, hire musicians if need be, be your right-hand man.

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Multi Instrumentalist

Primarily a guitarist, I can also help navigate the waters of drums, bass, piano, and more. I've often played the role of "rhythm guitarist" in sessions to simply guide other musicians through the arrangements or "anchor" the boat a bit in the studio. I'm also happy to just speak the language with the musicians on your project and help translate what it is you are looking for in the sound.

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Occasionally I will master an album or song for an artist if I feel I'm a good fit for the job. This is the last step before manufacturing. It is the final "polish" on your masterpiece. Sometimes this is a role I can fill and other times, if I have been on the project for awhile, I may be "too close to it" and fresh ears are needed. Either way I can direct you to what is best for your project.

What’s your story? It’s not lost on me that when I’m making a recording for you it is YOUR life, your story. How can we best translate what you need to say? Let’s find the human element. Lets talk music, lets talk shop!

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