South of France – Mix with The Masters – Tom Elmhirst

This weekend I am departing on an audio adventure in the South of France.  Quick back story …

About 5-6 years ago I started to notice a pattern.  My favorite current albums of the time were Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black, Beck’s Morning Phase, and I dug that smash radio hit Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars.  Digging through credits revealed a name over and over again, Tom Elmhirst.  The seed was planted.  Who is this guy?  Digging deeper I learned a lot, namely that he worked out of Electric Ladyland Studios in New york (oh Hendrix’s studio!).  He apprenticed under the great British producer Trevor Horn (Yes, Paul McCartney) and he’s amassed a pretty good shelf of Grammy’s … All of his albums have sonic landscapes that are easy to get lost in.  Fast forward to this amazing thing in the South of France called Mix with the Masters   

I applied about 2 months ago to go to an exclusive seminar being put on with Tom imparting some of his wisdom and knowledge at the fantastic studio La Fabrique I was accepted so it’s off to France!  There will be 12 of us sitting in this fantastic studio daily listening to music, talking music, philosophizing, recording and mixing music.  I’ve been doing this for quite a long time now but you can never pass up the chance at a little “HIGHER Learning”.

Bonvoyage friends.